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  • Fabien Bertrand

⭐ What's New Season 2024 🏕️

No worries, the swimming pool and entertainment are not on the program 😉 For the 2024 season we will improve the campsite equipment.

Camping de Grange Neuve vue sur le terrain à l'ombre des chênes

We are in the process of installing 3 new terminals with 4 sockets, i.e. 12 new electrical sockets distributed evenly on the ground. This brings the number of catches from 8 initially to 20 this year for 25 locations.

Still in the electricity section, we are also in the process of installing a charging station for electric cars. Thanks to a reinforced 16 amp socket, the charging time will be much faster and more suitable than traditional campsite sockets. We are therefore implementing a new special rate for the charging station with a price of €0.35 per kWh consumed.

Another little novelty but not the least, you will no longer need to bring your roll of toilet paper to the toilets, we provide it, no more going back and forth if you forget!

Finally in 2024 the prices remain unchanged from those of 2023 apart from the addition of the new price for the charging station.

We look forward to seeing you again at the campsite for this new season!

Sarah and Fabien



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