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  • Fabien Bertrand

馃尦 The Sao没 Forest 鉀帮笍

A unique perched syncline in Europe! This is what you will discover when visiting the most beautiful Dr么me forests. 15 km from the campsite, the Sao没 forest is a forest massif surrounded by immense limestone cliffs hosting exceptional biodiversity. It has the shape of a basin or a stone vessel 12 km long by 3 km wide on average for an area of 2,354 hectares. To the west, the Trois Becs dominate the landscape with Veyou, the highest point at 1,589 meters. To the east, Roche Colombe rises to 886 meters.

La for锚t de Saou depuis le sommet des Trois Becs

The term 鈥渟yncline鈥 designates the hollow part of the fold, while the two lateral anticlines, rounded parts on each side, have been eroded and have given way to cliffs which naturally overlook the plain. It is a phenomenon of relief inversion due to erosion.

L'ouest de la foret de Saou et le Veyou depuis le Col de la Chaudi猫re

The Sao没 Forest is classified and has belonged to the Department of Dr么me since 2003. It is a paradise for hikers, climbers and nature lovers. It offers numerous hiking trails as well as numerous climbing routes that allow you to explore the riches of the forest. They will take you, for example, to the summits of Trois Becs, Roche Colombe or even Petit and Grand Pomerolle. You may be lucky enough to spot the varied fauna that lives there, such as chamois, golden eagles and even marmots.

Our campsite is ideally located 10-15 minutes south of the main starting points for hikes in the heart of the forest, near the Auberge du Dauphin, the Sao没 village or the Col de la Chaudi猫re.


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