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  • Fabien Bertrand

🏘️ Bourdeaux at 3 km 🌄

Located just 3 km from the campsite, in the Roubion valley, is the medieval village of Bourdeaux. This town of just over 600 inhabitants is nestled on the border of Vercors and Provence to the south of the Forêt de Saoû.

Panorama of the mountains of the Forêt de Saoû and Couspeau from Viale de Bourdeaux

Bourdeaux is a village steeped in history, as evidenced by the ruins of two 12th century castles and "La Viale", the historic heart of the village. The Protestant history of the village has left a significant mark on the town and the character of its inhabitants. Bourdeaux is a welcoming land crossed by the GR9 and the European trail “in the footsteps of the Huguenots” (GR 965).

View of Bourdeaux and its surroundings

From the heights of Viale, you can admire the panorama of the village and its surroundings as far as the mountains of the Forêt de Saoû and Couspeau. It is even possible to see our campsite at the foot of the Mornans tower.

Bourdeaux offers a variety of services and businesses, including a bakery, a butcher, two supermarkets, a swimming pool, a garage, a gas station, medical offices, a pharmacy, etc.

In short, Bourdeaux is a village which offers both the charm of the past and the amenities of the present, all in a rich and preserved natural setting.


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